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Mandy has a BSc (honours) Combined Social Sciences and over 15 years of working professionally with children in Nurseries, Preschool, Primary Schools. She has experience of seeing first hand how children enjoy actively playing with toys and ensures the toys she now makes are robust enough to cope with most things children can imagin. The toys and headwear made are CE tested - which means they meet European Standards for toys and headwear being sold within Europe. As Kernow Knitting is part of the Made In Cornwall Scheme, run by Cornwall Council, Trading Standards have checked the appropriate testing and paperwork is in place for products being sold.The designs and patterns by Mandy Paul are original, to ensure Copyright Laws and Trademark Laws are not broken. 

Mandy began knitting at the age of 4, being taught by her mother. Over the years, Mandy made jumpers and cardigans for herself and family members, before moving onto toys. Writing original patterns presented a new challenge, creating toys with Mandy’s personal twist, whilst ensuring the CE regulations are met. 

Kernow Knitting joined the Made in Cornwall Scheme towards the end of 2014, which is run by a branch of Cornwall Council – Trading Standards visit businesses to check their goods really are made in Cornwall, and that relevant legislation and regulations are met by the business.



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